Air Traffic Management Services



ATM Services – experience 

Terminal Control Unit &Tower Management Experience

International Tower managers

Terminal procedures design and surface movement specialists

Expertise encompasses international, shared civil-military, regional and general aviation airports to handling special operations such as foreign military exercises, sporting events and airshows

Management of Emergency Response Planning and simulation

Approach and Departure control

Surface Movement Control and surveillance technologies 

Approach, clearance delivery and surface procedures design and management 

Terminal radar operations

ATC training programs 

Contingency and security planning


Airspace Procedures and Pans Ops Design

Aeronautical Data Management Systems Specialist – production and design of airspace, SIDs, STARs, Instrument Approach, air routes and enroute airspace architecture including flex tracks and user preferred routes

Procedures design for Global Positioning System Non Precision arrivals procedures

Flight Testing and Calibration capacity with extensive experience internationally utilising jet and turbo prop aircraft – includes GNSS and RNP capability


Airspace Risk Modelling & Analysis Experience

Airspace and operations analysts with expertise in:

Airspace capacity, analysis and design

Development of the Airspace Risk Model (ARM) 

Risk assessment of numerous airspace architecture and reclassification projects

TM Safety Management Systems development, training and maintenance 

Total Airspace and Airport Modeller (TAAM) specialist for airspace and aerodrome capacity, collision risk and efficiency modelling

Airspace architecture design and evaluation

Airspace risk management and fast time simulation modelling

Air route design

Procedures design, documentation and manuals

Aeronautical Data Management Services (ADMS)

Aeronautical Information and Briefing Services

Risk and Safety management assessment and training

Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM) procedures

Traffic flow management

Air traffic management infrastructure evaluation and planning

GPS procedures and approach design

Airport and airspace capacity and flow modelling

Management of stakeholder and community safety and environmental expectations

Integration of associated airport/s infrastructure assessment, planning and procedures

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