Aviation Safety Management Systems (General)

The AACS team have introduced Safety Management Systems (SMS) into aviation and other transport organisations across the world. With our proven expertise, we are well placed to help your organisation develop and implement a practical SMS that meets all regulatory requirements and supports the safety of your operation.  A successful Safety Management System provides a systematic, explicit and comprehensive process for managing risks at all levels across the organisation. Reflecting the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirement for the introduction of Safety Management Systems under Annex 19, aviation regulatory authorities throughout the world are legislating for the implementation of SMS into many areas of commercial transport activity – aerodromes, air traffic management, flight operations, aviation maintenance organisations, maritime, rail and heavy vehicle operations.

Benefits of introducing an SMS within your organisation

  • Assists you to meet your safety obligations under national transport regulations
  • Protects your staff from harm
  • Provides you with a means to manage risks and enhance safe practices
  • Assists your organisation to allocate resources to the most critical areas that have an impact on safety
  • Helps you to become a preferred supplier to customers
  • Provides you with a framework to make informed safety decisions and increase efficiencies
  • Provides you with an ability to reduce costs by proactively identifying risks before they result in an incident or major accident.

AACS staff work with your organisation to develop and implement a robust Safety Management System (SMS) based on international best practice and using proven systems, training and supporting documentation.

Basic Overview 

SMS basic and advanced training will be provided for particular groups of employees from senior management through to front line staff, depending on their role in the SMS. During this phase staff should gain an understanding of how SMS works in your organisation and develop a common taxonomy for discussing and reporting safety related events. As required, AACS will facilitate hazard risk workshops with key personnel across your organisation. These workshops will help to inform the development of your SMS; establish a robust risk register; and comprise an element of the training for these staff. As the system is developed to match your organisation’s particular needs, an SMS Manual will be produced to support the implementation of an effective SMS across all aspects of your organisation.

Following implementation of your organisation's SMS, AACS will continue to work with you to monitor and review the performance of your SMS and help to ensure it continues to evolve and integrate into the organisation’s safety culture.

Capability Statement 

AACS staff have developed the following Safety Management System (SMS) programmes and associated products.


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