Flight Instructors Course

Flight Instructor (FI) Course

Flight instructions as a career is very rewarding and enjoyed by many fine pilots. However, it is a stepping stone for many pilots to other commercial flying.

It is one of the best ways to get into the industry without much experience. You will also be able to build your flying hours and experience and be paid at the same time.

Before you can instruct you must have successfully completed the FI course this also allows  you to be remunerated for providing instruction.

A Flight Instructor (FI) course typically takes between five to six weeks (full-time). 

Course Requirements 

Prior to starting a Flight Instructor Certificate (FIC) course you must:

    • Hold a valid EASA CPL (or an EASA PPL with 200 hours flight time of which 150 hours as PIC)
    • Have completed your CPL-level theoretical knowledge examinations,
    • Meet the other requirements defined in EASA Part-FCL 915.FI

FI course can either be completed full-time or part-time, and typically with a maximum of two students per FI Instructor. 

The course is made up of two parts:

Ground School – 125 hours

During the ground school training you will learn about the theory of learning and how to teach adults. You will cover in great detail all the information you will need to instruct your students, initially on the LAPL/PPL.

The ground school encompasses teaching exercises including long and preflight details where you will be expected to deliver lessons just like to your student but during the course to your instructor.

Flight Training – 30 hours

The flight training excesses are simulated all based around the syllabus you will be teaching for the issue of LAPL/PPL. You will put into practice the theory you have learned, your Instructor will pretend to be your student exposing you to the likely situations and mistakes that you will have to deal with as a future Instructor. 

During your training your instructor, you will train, to be able to deal with any potentially unsafe situations that your student  can put themselves into, and how to correctly deal with the situation.

At the end of the course, you will demonstrate your ability to teach to a Flight Instructor Examiner.

Flight Instructors (extras)

 Having gained your Flight Instructor Rating, you are then able to add additional upgrades or extra approvals to your licence that will enable you to instruct further courses including:

    • Applied Instruments 5-hours flying, and 10-hours ground school
    • Multi-Engine  5-hours multi-engine flying, and 10-hours ground school
    • Night Rating one-hour flying and two-hours ground school
    • Aerobatic TBA