Aviation Safety

AACS and it team have introduced Safety Management Systems (SMS) into aviation organisations across the world. With our proven expertise, we are well placed to help your organisation develop and implement a practical SMS that meets all regulatory requirements.  A successful Safety Management System provides a systematic, explicit and comprehensive process for managing risks at all levels across the organisation. Reflecting the ICAO recommendations for the introduction of Safety Management Systems, aviation regulatory authorities throughout the world are legislating for the implementation of SMS into many areas of commercial aviation activity – aerodromes, air traffic management, flight operations and maintenance organisations. 

AACS staff work with your organisation to develop and implement a robust Safety Management System (SMS) based on international best practice and using proven systems, training and documentation. 

Basic Overview 

SMS awareness training will be targeted to particular groups of employees from senior management through to line staff. During this phase staff should gain a basic understanding of SMS and develop a common taxonomy for discussing and reporting safety related events. AACS will facilitate hazard workshops with key personnel. These workshops help to inform the development of the SMS and comprise an element of the training for these staff. As the system is developed to match the particular needs, an SMS Manual will be produced. Key infrastructure can be produced to facilitate the operation of the airport’s SMS, including the provision of an on-line occurrence reporting tool that will enable staff to readily report safety events and deficiencies, allow the Safety Manager to take timely action and enable the analysis and reporting of the organisation’s safety performance AACS will work with you to produce an implementation strategy paper and we will assist with a cascading training program that reinforces the roles and responsibilities that all  airport personnel have as far as SMS is concerned. Following implementation, AACS will continue to work with you to monitor and review the performance of their SMS and help ensure it continues to evolve and integrate into the organisation’s culturepastedGraphic.png

Capability Statement 

AACS staff have developed the following Safety Management System (SMS) programmes and associated products. 


United Arab Emirates

  • Sharjah International Airport – Department of Civil Aviation 


  • Antwerp International Airport Ostend-Bruges
  • International Airport Kortrijk International Airport 


  • Project Managed the implementation of SMS into all of Australia’s International and Certified Airports (120 in total)
  • Development of an electronic SMS Manual Builder for Airport Operators
  • Training of the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Aerodrome Inspectors in SMS assessment 
Full SMS programme development 


  • Brisbane International Airport (Australia’s second busiest airport)
  • Cairns International Airport
  • Townsville Airport
  • Mt Isa Airport
  • Norfolk Island Airport
  • Moree Airport 


  • Murtala Muhammed International Airport – Lagos (Africa’s second largest city) Abuja International Airport
  • Kano Internatinoal
  • Port Harcourt International Airport 
Aviation Regulators and Industry Education 
  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Australia
  • Development of the SMS regulatory framework for aerodromes in Australia (CASR 139)
  • Development of SMS regulatory framework for all charter and airline operations in Australia (CASR 119)  
  • AACS staff have developed the following general SMS guidance material for the industry (Flying Operations and Aerodromes). 
  • SMS booklets CD ROM Video/DVD 
  • What is in it for you; Getting Started; Is it Working SMS a Users Guide
    10 Steps to SMS
  • National series of SMS seminars
Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) 
  • Development of SMS Regulations and Guidance Manuals (Aerodromes, Flying Operations, Air Traffic Services and Maintenance Organisations). 
  • SMS for Regulators course aimed at equipping regulatory staff to assess SMS programmes within all aviation operational areas – Aerodromes, Flying Operations, Air Traffic Services and Maintenance organisations. 
Air Traffic Services 


  • Development of an integrated programme for Human Factors and Safety Management Systems into Air Traffic Management. 

Nigerian Airspace Management Authority (NAMA)

    • SMS development and Safety Case development. 
Aircraft Operators (SMS Development) 
  • Jayrow Helicopters - Australia Medavia Airlines – Malta
  • REX Aviation – Australia National Jet Systems – Australia 
SMS Auditing 
  • QANTAS (Australia’s international air carrier) Virgin Airlines
  • Astraeus Airlines
  • Buraq Air 
  • REX Aviation Horizon Airlines National Jet Systems Mac-air

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