Aircraft Accident Investigation

AACLTD team is highly experienced at investigating aircraft accidents and incidents with 20 years experience and 40 plus investigation conducted to date.

Our clients range from aircraft owners to large commercial operators and major insurance companies, many of which operate both globally and domestically. Our investigators are both  academically qualified and have many years practical operational experience to support their findings.

They bring many unique talents in that the have owned and operated many of the aircraft used today and understand all of the aspects of operating such aircraft.

An aircraft accident can have a major effect on a company from loss of confidence by the public, to the financial stress of trying to  manage the event and still keep the company operating as normal.

It is our job to reduce stress and free up resources at that critical time for the company or operator.

We are all aware that each ICAO country will provide a selected regulatory bodies to investigate the accident or incident however, this can take a lot of time and its focus might be different from what the operator needs to move forwards quickly.

What Services can we provide

  • Why not try our safety audit service and see if we can prevent the accident from occurring in the first place.
  • Complete investigation of all types of accidents from large transport multi-hull accident too small single engine aircraft all will receive the same level of effort.
  • Provide you with a detailed report on the accident, as soon as practical, but will provide advise immediately on any changes required to  prevent any further incidents occurring or remove the risk
  • Work with the relevant regulatory body to assist identify the cause of the accident and provided an agreed solution.
  • Independent expert witness report for any legal proceedings that might follow on from the accident or incident
  • Develop, solutions with the operator to ensure that the accident or incident can’t happen agin for the same reason. 
  • Our global network of aviation advisors and accident investigators is available to serve you and provide you with the answers you need quickly.

To find out more about our aircraft accident and incident investigation service's, contact us today.