Aircraft leasing

One of the most cost effective and efficient ways to operate an aircraft is on a lease. There are a number of lease options as there are many different aircraft types. The main types of lease are an Operating, ACMI, Dry and Capital, these leases are off the balance sheet items. The possibilities of find a suitable lease for your needs you or your company is endless. The roll of AACS is to ensure that you get the right aircraft with the right leasing package. Therefore, our roll is to protect you and your interests, we have no affiliation with any leasing company or aircraft operator. You will see below some of the key services we can assist you with.

Some of our services

  • Provide options on various leasing types suitable for your proposed task
  • Selection and identification of suitable aircraft types
  • Performance and cost modelling on the proposed aircraft tasks
  • Business analysis  and leasing options against a tax positions
  • Develop realistic operational costs and costing of supporting infrastructure
  • Arrange legal representation review of leasing documents
  • Advise on Leasing Insurance obligation

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