Multi-Engine Piston Rating (MEP)

The Multi-Engine Piston Rating (MEP) allows you to fly twin-engined aircraft that provide you with some of the advantages having more that one engine brings. 

There is an additional level of safety of having two engines instead of just one,  also increase in speed, range and performance is normally available. However, multi-engine aircraft are normally more complex than a single engine aircraft and requires some new flying skills to fly them well.

Whether you intend to take up a professional flying career, or just fly for the fun of it a MEP Rating is a great set forward.

Before starting your multi-engine training, you must have flown at least  70-hours as pilot-in-command (PIC) in light aircraft.

Your Training course consists of 7-hours of ground school. The ground school covers all the theory associated with flying a multi-engine aircraft followed by a multiple-choice written exam.

Your flight training consists of 6 hours on a light twin such as a BE76 Beechcraft Duchess or a Piper PA-44 Seminole. A significant probation of those hours around 3.5 shall be used learning to control safely the aircraft in the event of an engine failure.

You will be required to undertake a MEP Skills Test with an examiner.