Aviation Operations Manuals

A  companies operations manual for air operators is a document that includes the operating procedures approved by the corresponding aviation authorities that an AOC must fulfil. The content of the manual shall reflect the requirements established in the regulation for air operators 965/2012 established by EASA.18 Feb 2019 however this reference will be different for each county. The manual shall be ICAO compliant with difference noted between the applicable regulatory authority and ICAO.

AACS is very experienced in operations manual development from both the regulators and operators persecutive. We have been involved in developing manual authoring tools and similar easy use templates currently being used within the industry.  Below is a list of sector specific operations manual we have developed for many operators and we have the expertise to develop a suitable set of manual specifically for you operation.

  • Flying School (small Medium and Large) operations manual
  • Air Charter operations manual
  • Airline operations manual
  • Training and Checking Manuals
  • Simulator Training Programs and Manuals
  • Airport Operations manual
  • Airport Safety Management Systems Manuals
  • Safety Management Systems Manuals
  • Staff Training manuals and e-leaning training

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