Corporate and Business jet Operations

At ACCS, we are well aware of every aspect of owning and operating all types of corporate and business jet aircraft. Corporate and business aviation is quite a large part of the aviation industry. It varies from a business owner who owns his own aircraft and fly's himself around has part of his business to major corporation with large intercontinental capable jet that fly all around the world in support of the companies global business activity.

When you decide that you wish to use a aircraft in support of your business there are many complex decisions to be made and expert help and advise will be needed.

A lot of questions will need to be asked and expert advise sort in each area of concern, for example:

What is the best aircraft type for the user tasks, for example short domestic or long range international flight?

The types  of airports needed for the safe operation of your aircraft, like runway length and supporting infrastructure such as fuel, and maintenance support?

The list is large and detailed so below is a list of areas AACS can help you with because we have done it all before.

  • Company cost benefit analysis to the company
  • Prepare and operational briefing 
  • Section of suitable aircraft for the identified operational role.
  • Identify suitable aircraft types 
  • Performance validation
  • Aircraft acquisition, leasing, purchase etc.
  • Crewing and staffing training and selection
  • Maintenance support 
  • Infrastructure and  ground support 
  • Type of operational set up AOC or Private 
  • Insurances and other legal requirement

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