About Us

AACS is a highly experienced team of consultants and executives with over 30 years within the aviation industry giving them a global reach obtained from real experience. We are recognised for providing real-world solutions and advice which can only be obtained with experience. Our team have led hundreds of advisory engagements from flying schools, airlines passenger and freight operations to military operational support and business jet operations.


We are highly experienced in all aspects of safety management systems and have delivered systems to major airlines airports and regulators.

AACS offers services to a global client base from USA, UK, China, Russia, Middle East, Australia and the Pacific. Our experience in both emerging and developed markets gives AACS a broad perspective and a well-rounded understanding of the Aviation industry from a global, regional, and local perspective.

Some key points

  • Aerospace and Aviation Consulting Services is a United Kingdom-based company with a global track record of exceeding our customer’s expectations.
  • Aerospace and Aviation Consulting Services for the past 30 years has specialised in consulting to the aviation industry conducting assignments throughout the world.
  • Aerospace and Aviation Consulting Services carried out consultancy and developed a great relationship with several Domestic and International Airlines, Airports, and  Universities and Academic institutes, Aircraft Manufacturers, Investment Banks, Government Agencies, and several Civil Aviation Authorities, MRO’s and Cargo Operators.
  • Aerospace and Aviation Consulting Services has been able to pull off many worlds first in aircraft operations because of its respected relationship with several regulators and proven safety record in operations.
  • Aerospace and Aviation Consulting Services professionals have real-world experience with a record of high level operational managerial and regulatory success.
  • Aerospace and Aviation Consulting Services works for its clients and will always provide independent and impartial advice with the highest standards of quality and integrity.

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