Light Tower

AACS is about to introduce a revolutionary solution for large area lighting. The product is currently available in a few countries. We launched the product successfully in Australia some ten years ago. The light towers, are to be built here in the UK and will be protected by a worldwide patent.

We are currently looking at the manufacturing options and safety approval here in the UK, this should not take to long as the design is already approved in Australia. We anticipate about two months before we can offer the product to the market.

The product is used by a large number of companies, from Government departments, Police forces Airport, Military Services, State Emergency Services, Fire services, outdoor events and so on with hundreds sold and lots of very satisfied customer.

Some key features of the light towers:

•Simple and rapid deployment by one person in under 1 minute
•Proven performer in the harshest conditions
•Able to operate independently of infrastructure
•Easily transported in the boot of a car
•Unprecedented lighting coverage of up to 10,000m²

If you want more information, please contact Stephen Crocker on Tel: +44 77 864 867 56